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Division 622

"The Future of American Railroading"

The best safety device ever invented for a locomotive is a Careful ENGINEER!!

An Engineer paid: $1356.00 or $113.00/month

 A Trainman paid: $1140.00 or $95/month

The above figures are based on union dues only and do not include Political Action Fund contributions.

Be aware that the BLE-T National Division and the GCA both had dues increases this year, but because of the exceptional work of your Local Committee of Adjustment working in conjunction with division executive committee we were able to absorb those dues increases at the local level.

Make sure to thank your Local Committee of Adjustment members Lance Thomas, Rich Hellwig and Andy Weingart and President Shane Keane and Sec/Tres. Mike Pancost for their efforts in keeping your dues as low as possible.





An e-mail addy has been created to assist in the tracking of turns that are paper deadheaded.  You can e-mail each board report directly from the TSS System by striking the "Shift and PF-7 keys simultaneously.  Send each report to the following:


This site  The Web 


Discipline issues!!!
The Carrier has a very aggressive remote desk Road Foreman.  He will likely detect you if you violate.

Contact the Local Chairman on questions about Attendance policy and possible ways to avoid discipline for violating.


This site will constantly be under construction. Content will be added that relates to agreements, claims, and general information as it becomes available. Issues dealing with railroad operating practices will not be available due to Homeland Security, contact a carrier supervisor to get answers to these type of questions.

     This site is for educational and informational purposes and does not relieve a member from fully participating in the union process by attending the scheduled meetings and excercising your right to vote in scheduled elections.

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