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Zoom Meeting Information
Apr 12, 2021

Zoom Meeting Information

I will send out a message requesting your participation in the Zoom Meeting Tuesday around 9:00. If you wish to participate in our Zoom meeting, you must request the link. This is in compliance with rules outlined by the Nation Division. 

There are two ways you can participate. You can log in over the Zoom app and participate via video conference. The other option is to call an 1-800 number and participate via conference call. When you request your link, please specify Video or Call so I can get you the appropriate log in information.

Please do not wait until the last minute to request your link, plan ahead if you are interested in attending. I understand our work schedule may not allow this, but please try. As we are not sure how many participants we are going to have, the earlier you request the information, the better we can plan.

I have to send the link to join the meeting out individually, so be patient, once you submit your request. Do not share this link.

Also, if you are participating, please try to log on between 8:30 and 8:55 the morning of the meeting. We need to grant access, verify who you are, and make sure your audio is working properly. This takes a little time, especially if we have a large number. We ask this to insure the meeting, once started at 9:00, can proceed without interruption and in a timely manner 

You can get the Zoom app at or in the app store

Please download and set up your free Zoom beforehand. If you have any questions, get them answered prior to the meeting, as to not impede the progress of this meeting.

If you want help using it for the first time please contact Bert Trevino @ 3086606325

It is each Member’s responsibility to protect the secure link, as our Union has strict rules against broadcasting Union affairs or otherwise disclosing business to individuals who are not members of the BLET. Matters discussed at meetings are secret and confidential in order to allow the Members to feel comfortable that what is stated in the meeting remains private and they feel assured that what is discussed will not spread outside the meeting.

Below is a video to assist in getting setup with this Free app.

Here is a video on joining a meeting.

If for some reason you get disconnected from the meeting, please log back in using the same way you started.

Please place your video on mute unless you are talking, this is to avoid unnecessary background noise and allow everyone to clearly hear the person talking.

If you have a question during the meeting through the zoom app you can do what is called "Raise your hand", here is a video on how to do it.

BLE-T Division 622

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