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BLET eligibility to run for office
Dec 28, 2023

Brothers and Sisters,

With the recent vacancies within our organization and the upcoming triennial elections scheduled for September 2024, I wanted to provide some clarification concerning a member's eligibility to be appointed or nominated for a Union Officer position. 

For a member of BLET to be eligible to be appointed or nominated for a Union Officer Position, the member must be in “Continuous Good Standing” for the preceding 24 months leading up to the appointment or nomination. There are two elements that comprise being in “Good Standing” as defined in the Merger Agreement with the IBT (Teamsters) Section 6.8 (Note) of the 2022 BLET bylaws page 259.

First, the member must be actively employed in a craft that is represented by the BLET. Meaning, you can be an engineer, student engineer, trainman, switchman, brakeman, or any combination for the 24 months preceding the appointment or nomination. Being a Carrier Official at any time within the 24 months prior to the appointment or nomination will disqualify you.

Second, the member must have paid dues to the BLET consistently for the previous 24 months. A member may find themselves off work for various reasons. The BLET offers options for the member to maintain their “Good Standing” by paying dues while away from work, at a greatly reduced rate. It is the members' responsibility to contact the Division Secretary Treasurer and inform them of your absence from work and your desire to stay in “Good Standing” by making arrangements to pay your dues. 

I do attempt to contact any member who does not have a regular dues payment and ask if they are interested in paying their dues to stay in “Good Standing.” I do have a limited time to file my monthly reports. If I do not receive a response in a timely manner, I often file my report as if you declined the offer. Please contact me if you are interested in maintaining your “Good Standing” by paying your dues if you are off work. It’s a huge help to contact me and let me know. You also must make the payment to be considered in “Good Standing.” Unfortunately, I do have a number of members that have expressed they wanted to pay their dues to stay in “Good Standing,” but then haven’t made the payment for one reason or another. 

I hope this adds some clarity to what a member must do to be considered in “Good Standing,” and eligible for being considered for a Union Officer position.

On a final note, if you have recently moved, changed your phone number, or email address, please get us the information so we can update our records.

If you have any questions concerning this information, to check on your eligibility, or update your contact information, please contact BLET 622 Secretary Treasurer Neil Burri at (308) 760-0937.

Have a Safe and Happy New Year!




The content of this message is confidential and intended for BLET 622 members only. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without the written consent of BLET 622.

BLE-T Division 622

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