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FRA Violations


FRA Region 6 
Hotline 800.724.5996
Other: 816.329.3840

FRA Safety Management Team - BNSF Specific 
Phone: 817.862.2200
Hotline: 800.724.5995


We need your help in reporting any violations by the Carrier to the FRA. Below is some information to watch out for, as well as some convenient online reporting tools to use to get us the information, so we can gather all the information and get these violations reported to the FRA. 


FRA Hours of Service and Safety Violation Form

The above link will take you directly to the FRA Violation Reporting Website.

Information on how Taxi/Deadhead affects your Hours of Service

When within the limits of 24 round-the clock taxi services, you should expect to be in a taxi no later than the expiration of your Hours of Service. This includes Alliance Terminal, or other locations where yard taxis routinely pick up and drop off crews in and around the terminal. Alliance Terminal extends to cover general switching limits (MP 357, Birdsell, Swepco, Third Street, Letan, and so forth). Grand Island would be another example of a 24-hour round-the-clock taxi service, as long as you are within range of the limits of the taxi. Here are some other examples: Guernsey Yard, Sterling Yard and Edgemont Yard (including the General Switching Limits). If you are not relieved and in a taxi on your hours, you should write up a document and forward it to this union's office for processing with the FRA. Train Symbol, Lead Unit, On duty time, crew members, arrival time and MP where you are picked up by the taxi, and tie up time. 

If you are going to be relieved by an assigned taxi outside of a 24-hour round-the-clock taxi service, the only time that matters is when your assigned taxi departs the beginning location for transport. As long as that taxi is en-route before your expiration of the hours of service, the FRA does not consider this an hours of service violation. However, if you do notice an empty taxi passing your location while waiting for transportation, try to determine if that taxi is on a call and it's destination. If this taxi is called to relieve a crew that has more time to work than yourself, we will argue that this empty taxi should have been diverted to relieve your crew and another taxi ( such as the one initially called for your relief ) can be diverted to the crew with more time to work. Again, you should write up a document and forward it to this union office for processing with the FRA. Train Symbol, Lead Unit, On duty time, crew members, arrival time, MP where you are picked up by the taxi, and tie up
To Report a Hours of Service Violation, please fill out this easy online form FRA Hours of Service Violation Form or get this information to Lance Flohr ( or Shawn Miller ( so we can inform the FRA of this violation.

Combination/Separation of Double Trains

FRA Combining Train Questionnaire

BNSF received a waiver in 2020 dealing with the Combination or Separation of Double (Mega) Trains.

"For trains operating under this waiver, BNSF must provide notification identifying the location where all combination or separation, or train brake and mechanical inspections and tests will be performed to each crew, via work orders, from originating terminal, through crew change points to destination."

Basically, this means, if you're not given the information on your work orders and you are instructed to  combine or split a BNSF Maga train at your originating or destination terminal, it is an FRA violation.

For example: If an Alliance crew goes on duty at Guernsey, and does not receive information in their Work Order (Wheel) that the double train will be built in Guernsey or separated in Alliance, it is an FRA violation.

On an extended haul train, you are allowed to make 1 pickup/set out without the train losing its extended haul classification. The FRA has stated that when you make a BNSF Mega train, this is your 1 pickup.

This is explained in item 12 of Waiver 2020-0033 which can be found on your BNSF iPad in the Job Aids app under Waivers. It is called Combo_Split_Waiver_FRA-2020-0033

If you are instructed to build or dismantle Mega Train, check your paperwork. If this work is not in your Work Orders, it is a violation of this FRA waiver and needs to be reported.

To Report a Violation, please fill out this easy online form Combining Trains Questionnaire or get this information to Lance Flohr ( or Shawn Miller ( so we can inform the FRA of this violation.

B.L.E.T. 622 Brothers and Sisters,


Attached you’ll find the waiver for mega trains. Pay close attention to sections 4 and 10. These would be the most common violations for the mega train waiver.  These sections should be highlighted in the attachment. 

4. The record of inspection required by 49 CFR § 232.205(e) must be maintained in the cab of the controlling locomotive. The record of both trains must be maintained in the cab of the controlling locomotive of the combined train; however, upon separation, the original record must be restored and maintained in the controlling cab of each individual train.

10. The mechanical department personnel responsible for inspections and tests, as well as train crewmembers operating trains under this waiver, must be notified in writing regarding the conditions of this waiver. As required under 49 CFR § 232.213, these inspections and tests (except for Class III tests) must be performed by QMIs trained, qualified, and designated in compliance with 49 CFR § 232.203, Training requirements, and 49 CFR § 215.11, Designated inspectors.

Please read and review to verify that any mega train you are on is meeting the criteria for the waiver. 

Remember. When two crews are combining or separating mega trains, the crews have to work together as both trains fall under the category of equipment you are called to operate. 

If your work order did not specify that you were to be building or disassembling a mega train, make sure you turn that information into our Legislative Representative using the FRA link on the website. 



B.L.E.T. 622 

The content of this message is confidential and intended for BLET 622 members only. It is strictly forbidden to share any part of this message with any third party, without written consent BLET 622. 

Download: U-S-DOT-FRA--Decision-Letter-2020.pdf


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